Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Reader's Poll in January, 2006 Issue

The first ever Some Fantastic Reader's Poll will go online alongside the January, 2006 issue when it appears. As an incentive to fill out the poll, I will be giving to two randomly selected responders a signed Kim Stanley Robinson paperback, which he put his autograph in at a recent signing near my home in Northern Virginia.

It's also too early to state for certain, but it also looks like I finally sucked in convinced my wife to write a review for the issue. Unfortunately, it will be a DVD review--meaning that I am still working on increasing the amount of pixels dedicated to the books--but you take your copy anywhere you can get it.

Finally, unless something happens to change my mind in the next six weeks, it looks like the editorial will address the recent demise of SciFiction and Amazon.com's annoying habit of announcing their year's best lists in the beginning of November.