Thursday, September 29, 2005

Work on Issue #6 Underway

Work on the Fall Issue is now underway. Since it is also the First Anniversary Issue, I hoped to make it the biggest issue thus far. However, unless a couple of the other pieces I am waiting on are longer than I expect, I don't think it will happen. Still, it will come in around at either 28 or 32 pages, so I cannot complain too much. A potential wild card is the second half of my review of everything The War of the Worlds -- there's literally so much out there that I can break it into three parts, but I'm experiencing WotW fatique and refuse to drag it out past this issue. There are a few items I will just need to mention in passing and leave it at that.

In addition, I am already getting together items for the Winter Issue. I have a couple more books lined up for myself, and have sent for the first season of The 4400 and Terry Pratchett's Thud! off for review. While I'm certain I can find someone to review it, I'm waffling a bit on the DVD release of the final Star Wars film.